Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the most common questions we receive about the services we provide.






Why do I ​need a Project Manager?

IT Project Management is arguably an art form. Even small projects require proper prioritization,
resource management, and risk management in order to avoid going over budget or under
delivering. Far too often we’ve seen stakeholders “pay for a Ferrari and end up with a skateboard.” As experts in IT Project Management, we know exactly what it takes to deliver on time and on budget, while also properly meeting stakeholder expectations.

Are you industry specific?

With nearly 20 years of project management experience, we have successfully applied our project management principals across multiple industries, from Oil and Gas to Telecom to Entertainment, and more. If you’re interested in learning these principals, you’ll be interested in our online training course, Project Management for Non-Project Managers.

Do you have offices outside of Houston, TX?

By and large, while providing our project management services we will be utilizing your office in order to deliver the best possible project management experience to you. However, our flexibility allows us to meet onsite, offsite, or any combination thereof. Additionally, our vast experience allows us to successfully execute your initiatives locally or remotely, as many larger projects often tend to utilize offshore teams.

Is the cost of a Project Manager justified?​

In a word: yes. The amount of revenue that a business can lose as a direct result of a mismanaged project can outweigh the cost of an experienced Project Manager several times over. With that said, our business philosophy isn’t one of logging billable hours, but rather delivering you a successful project. Additionally, we offer an online course if you would rather cultivate project management skills yourself: Project Management for Non-Project Managers.

What is the first step for me to determine if we really need a PM?​

The first step is for us to meet with you, either in person or over the phone, to understand both the scope of your initiative and your desired outcome, as well any roadblocks you may have already experienced. We can then determine if/how our services can benefit your company and help you identify the potential value that a partnership with us would bring.


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