We are here to help you succeed.

Your business is your passion. Solving problems and
project management is ours. We are committed to
helping you achieve success on-site, remotely, and
even virtually, with our Project Management for Non-Project Managers online course.

Project management skills are an invaluable asset in
today’s business world, not just for keeping costs
contained but also for effectively completing your
initiatives on time and within expectations.


BicycleCG approaches each project with the aim
and expertise to get things done correctly the first


We exist to help your business succeed.


What do we do

From identifying process gaps
and any fundamental business
problems to developing proper
solutions and viable alternatives,
we are at your side to assist with
making informed decisions to
best move your business forward.


Whether strategic or tactical, our
goal is to achieve unmitigated
success for your business and IT initiatives.

How we do it

We bring hard-earned value that
results from years of experience
at all levels of business.


From spreadsheet and process
improvement to executive
reporting, database upgrades
infrastructure upgrades, and
system integration, BicycleCG
has the skills to ensure you
get the highest return on your
project investment.


Although our methodology can
be applied successfully across
a wide range of industries, we
are particularly experienced in
Oil and Gas, Telecom, Retail,
and Healthcare.


To find out if we can be of any
assistance to your business,
contact us today to to make an
appointment to discuss your
particular business needs.